Ryan P. Huang

Ryan Huang

Assistant Professor
(starting July 2017)

I am an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University starting in July 2017. Currently I am at MSR Redmond Systems Group doing a post-doc. I did my PhD at UCSD working with an awesome advisor, Prof. Yuanyuan Zhou. My primary research area is in computer systems, with intersection between programming languages, and software engineering. The overarching goal of my research is to enable building reliable, efficient, and defensible systems in emerging computing platforms such as cloud-scale data centers and small mobile devices.

I'm looking for motivated students to work with. If you are interested in hacking systems and advancing state of the art, drop me an email along with you CV!


  • [11/02] PCheck won the OSDI '16 Jay Lepreau Best Paper Award!
  • [09/23] Successfully defend my thesis titled Toward Understanding and Dealing with Failures in Cloud-Scale Systems
  • [07/30] Our paper on detecting latent misconfiguration is accepted to appear at OSDI '16
  • [03/10] Our paper on mobile app network disruptions is accepted by EuroSys '16
  • [02/23] Our paper on defensive mobile operating system is accepted by MobiSys '16


My recent research projects are:
  • DefDroid: a defensive mobile OS to tame disruptive apps
  • ConfValley: a declarative configuration validation framework
  • A comprehensive study on cloud service failure, fault, and fault-tolerance
  • eDoctor: a diagnosis tool for smartphone abnormal battery drain
  • PerfScope: a white-box performance risk analysis methodology

Recent Publications

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Professional Service

  • Program Committee:
    • SIGCOMM HotConNet: 2017
    • USENIX ATC: 2017
    • MobiSys PhD forum: 2016
  • Shadow PC: EuroSys 2017
  • Journal Reviewer: TPDS 2016
  • Assistant for PC chair: ASPLOS 2016

Note about my name: Ryan is my English name. My legal name is Peng Huang, which I use in publications and legal documents.